Live Stream the Google Event on YouTube

Google is preparing in a big way for next Tuesday’s big Google Event.  Not only has there been a huge amount of advertising around the event, the company has already setup their YouTube channel for the event.  That means that you will be able to watch the event live for yourself.  I personally love the fact that they are doing this and making all of their announcements known to everyone.  And, given that it is on YouTube, that means you can watch it on-the-go from the YouTube app on any device.

There are a lot of things that are expected to be announced at this Google Event, including two new phones, Google Home, possibly a new 7″ tablet and even a merged Chrome OS and Android

Google Event Live Stream on YouTube

Google Event Live Stream on YouTube

platform named Andromeda.  While it is still all speculation at this point, chances are that this event is going to be huge for Google and fans of their products and services.  The banner announcement, at least for now, will be the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones.  These phones are expected to be 5.2″ and 5.5″ respectively and will be running on the first maintenance release of Android Nougat, build 7.1.

The link to the live stream is here so be sure to bookmark it so you can watch it on Tuesday starting at 9AM Pacific.

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