Paranoid Android Now Supports Nextbit Robin

Paranoid Android, the name of the team and AOSP-based ROM for a number of Android devices, has announced that they have setup a partnership with Nextbit and have released a ROM for the device.

The device lineup has been updated to include yet another device – The Nextbit Robin. Huge thanks to Nextbit for hooking us up with devices and believing in the open source project. This release is only for the Robin & the OnePlus 3.

The news is exciting for those who like what is arguably one of the cleanest and more robust ROMs available for Android devices.  Having the addition of the Nextbit Robin and the OnePlus3 will give those tech savvy users an option over the stock Android builds from each manufacture.

Since their relaunch earlier this year, Paranoid Android has only update their ROM three times with each update bringing signifcant improvements or updates.  The team tries to keep with their “release if perfect” mantra so don’t expect a massive flood of updates.  Instead, like this release that adds the Robin and OP3, look for refinements and additions to improve the PA experience.

Nextbit Robin

Nextbit Robin Is Now Supported by Paranoid Android

With this update the team has released a pretty involved change log and changes for the OP3.


– Added switch to last app button action
– Added custom routines to maximize performance on kryo devices
– Improved system wide performance
– Improved battery life
– Stability fixes for Quick Settings
– Various improvements and fixes for the Camera app
– Fixed a few encryption issues
– Other various bug fixes and improvements

OnePlus 3:

– Added DASH charging indicator
– Added full support for VoLTE
– Improved power management during the dexopting
– Improved Camera quality
– Improved GPS
– Improved audio platform and quality
– Improved memory management
– Improved resolution for graphic textures
– Reduced power consumption in specific cases
– Fixed camera flash issues
– Fixed internal issues relating to the display driver
– Fixed a device specific issue with encryption
– Fixed Camera app crash when trying to access settings
– Fixed Wifi Hotspot functionality
– Various other minor improvements

In the post on Google+, the team also addressed Android Nougat and state that they have already begun working on a Nougat-based update.

Oh nougat? Yes, we’re already on it. We’ve got a few devices up & running and feature-port will start soon. Some of our already existing features are going to be dropped as they are officially a part of the system now. Although, not to worry we do have a few awesome things in mind to make Nougat even better.

All-in-all, good news for those who are fans of Paranoid Android and it looks like it is going to be an exciting close to 2016 for them.

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