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Paranoid Android Update Brings KRACK Patch and Other Improvements

The team at Paranoid Android have dropped their latest update out for devices, bringing a patch for the KRACK vulnerability along with other core changes to the platform.  The latest build is version 7.3.1 for those keeping score at home and likely will be the last significant update to the Android Nougat-based build with attention turning to Oreo.

As with other PA releases, there are core changes then their are device specific updates too.  As for general updates, most of these focus on improvements and fixes.  As mentioned, the KRACK patch is included in this update but also various improvements around WiFI and Bluetooth connectivity, launcher improvements and performance and battery improvements.  Pocket Lock has also improved for performance and battery efficiency too.

A new feature that is in this update is an anti-shake mode for the default camera app in Paranoid Android.

Latest Paranoid Android Build Brings a New Camera App

Paranoid Android, the AOSP-based build for a wide range of phones, has a big update rolling out that brings a lot of improvements and features. The new update is build 7.3.0 and is rolling out now.

The biggest new feature is their own camera app.  The new camera app is a simple but effective app with easy-to-understand controls (swipe left or right to go between camera and video for example) and has all the camera features you’d expect like slow motion, HDR and red eye reduction.

Paranoid Android Release 2 Brings Significant Improvements & New Features

Paranoid Android, one of the more popular custom ROMs available for a wide range of devices, has a new update rolling out.  Release 2 brings a significant number of new features and improvements to the build, which is based on Android Nougat 7.2.0.  There are several new devices that are now supported with this build.  They include the OnePlus One, the OnePlus X and Nextbit Robin (keep in mind that the official ROM for the Robin is built by the Paranoid Android team too).  Support for the Xiaomni Mi5, Nexus 6 and LeEco Le Pro 3 is also in Release 2.  Support for the Nexus 5 and the OnePlus 2 will be coming shortly, as soon as the team feels they have a viable build.

The release has several new features.  Pocket Lock, as the name suggests, locks your device by disabling input sources when your phone is in your pocket.  You can release it by long pressing the power button.  Accidental Touch is a feature that will prevent inputs from hardware buttons when the touchscreen is in use.  This is particularly handy for those who game on their devices.

New Paranoid Android Wallpapers from Hampus Olsson

Artist Hampus Olsson has released a set of six new wallpapers in support of the latest update to Paranoid Android.  For those who may not know Olsson’s work, he is the artist behind the colorful and creative wallpapers for OnePlus and Paranoid Android.  Chances are you have seen them, you just may not know the creator behind them.

The new wallpapers are available on his site and you can download them directly from there for all your devices, even if you aren’t running Paranoid Android.  He also has other artwork and wallpapers available on his site and a bit of history on his creative works.  You will also see the extensive list of clients he has who use his artwork.

Paranoid Android Now Supports Nextbit Robin

Paranoid Android, the name of the team and AOSP-based ROM for a number of Android devices, has announced that they have setup a partnership with Nextbit and have released a ROM for the device.

The device lineup has been updated to include yet another device – The Nextbit Robin. Huge thanks to Nextbit for hooking us up with devices and believing in the open source project. This release is only for the Robin & the OnePlus 3.

The news is exciting for those who like what is arguably one of the cleanest and more robust ROMs available for Android devices.  Having the addition of the Nextbit Robin and the OnePlus3 will give those tech savvy users an option over the stock Android builds from each manufacture.

Paranoid Android Returns With New AOSP-Based ROMs

After a lengthy hiatus after a lot of staff left, the all-new Paranoid Android team has returned with new AOSP-based ROMs for many popular devices.  This is the first release from the team since July of last year and the new builds are based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 and are available on a wide range of devices.  For those who like clean, non-bloated versions of Android, Paranoid Android is one of the best at giving you that on your device.  The team has had a heavy focus on design and the UI and the new ROMs look very clean and minimalist.

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