Today’s Deal – Samsung 128GB EVO Plus MicroSD Card for $39

Today’s Deal over at Amazon you can get a great deal on a speedy MicroSD card for your devices with a huge amount of storage.  Right now you can pick up the Samsung EVO Plus Class 10 MicroSD card with 128GB of storage for $38.75.  It is a savings of 62% off the regular price.  The card comes with a reader adapter and as with all MicroSD cards and it is waterproof and shock proof for durability.  It is also fast enough to keep up with HD recording in devices so you should have no trouble with really anything that accepts this size card.

Before you order, make sure that your phone or other device can accept this size of card.  Most Android devices out there from Samsung, Huawei and HTC can but double-check the specs of your

Samsung 128GB MicroSD Card

Samsung 128GB MicroSD Card

phone just to make sure.  Most digital cameras can take the card as well but again, make sure.  Keep in mind too that many Android devices can use SD cards as Adoptive Storage meaning you insert the card and it becomes part of the memory of the device (you just can’t remove it).  Even if your phone doesn’t support it, you can still use it for photos, files and other data that you want to keep local on your phone without eating up storage on the device itself.

For more information on Today’s Deal or to order a card, head over to Amazon.  There is no limit to the number you buy but supplies are limited.  If you want to pick one up, best do it quickly.

And yes, it’s Prime shipping eligible!  Free!


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