YouTube Go Will Allow Offline Viewing and Sharing

YouTube has announced that later this year, they will be rolling out a new app that will allow for offline content viewing and sharing.  The new app, YouTube Go, will allow users to download content to their phones and view that content later, even if they are offline.  You will be able to select the quality of that content so you can control how much space on your phone is taken up with YouTube content and you will be able to share that content with others via NFC.  The idea is that the app can work completely offline.

If some of this sounds familiar, it should.  YouTube Red subscribers (which, if you are a subscriber to Google Play Music, you have this subscription too) already allows for you to download content

YouTube Go

YouTube Go

and view it later right within the YouTube app.  You can view that content offline as well.  What it doesn’t do however is allow you to share that content which is a nice feature that YouTube Go will be bringing to the table.  With YouTube now planning to release Go and it be free, are the days for YouTube Red numbered or will we see something new for those already paying for subscriptions?

In fact, it somewhat begs the question of why another YouTube app is needed?  We have YouTube, YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Music already.

My assumption is that the features of Red will be decommissioned in the YouTube app and moved to Go once the app is released.  We’ll know for sure.

You can go to the Signup Page to get signed up for notifications on when the is released.

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