Android Nougat Coming to the Unlocked US Version of the HTC 10

Great news to start your Friday HTC 10 owners.  If you have one here in the US and it is unlocked, Android Nougat will be hitting your device starting today.  The news came from HTC’s Mo Versi who announced it on Twitter late on Thanksgiving day (when most of us were in food coma).

The HTC 10 has been one of the more underrated phones of 2016.  It is a solid performer with solid specs and now that it has Nougat, it will really bump up the appeal of this phone.  HTC has also been fantastic about keeping this phone up-to-date by having security patches out 30-45 days after they are released from Google.  This alone makes them stand out from other manufactures but you are also getting a great phone on top of it.

The update is about 1GB in size so you will certainly need to be on Wi-Fi when the update hits your phone to be downloaded.  Once it is downloaded to your HTC 10, you will need about 30 minutes

HTC 10

HTC 10

to install it and it will reboot your phone at least once in the process.  Also, be sure to check the Play Store after you do the update as there are likely to be Google app updates waiting for your now Nougat running phone.

Finally, keep in mind that the Nougat update has been released today but it could be a few days before your phone actually gets it.  These things tend to roll out in phases so patience is the name of the game. 🙂


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