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Like many accessories for Android phones and tablets, desktop stands are, as they say, a dime a dozen.  Everyone it seems makes one but like so many things, you do get what you pay for in most cases.  I say most because the team over at iClever have made an excellent stand that is certainly a good value for this type of accessory.  The iClever Adjustable Stand, as the name suggests, is not just a fixed stand for your phone or tablet.  Rather, it has an adjustable plane where you phone rests that can be rotated 270-degrees.  It makes the stand easy to use no matter if you are viewing your device in portrait or landscape mode.  Plus, it is made of aluminum so it looks great and is rugged enough to handle a drop from your desk to the floor.  Backed with a lifetime warranty, this $13 stand is well worth the consideration if you like desktop stands for your devices.

I recently picked up two of the IC-CS01 stands on Amazon to replace two aging stands that had lost their ability to hold my devices securely.  What appealed to me was first the iClever name (I’ve reviewed many of their products and have always found them to be excellent in price and performance) but also the non-skip pads on the stand’s base and phone plane to hold my Nexus 6P and Nexus 9 securely.  That do that and do it well.

Form Factor & Design

The iClever Adjustable Stand is shaped like many other stands on the market:  A wide, flat base with a “neck” that extends up then fold over to form the cradle for your phone.  It

iClever Adjustable Phone Stand

iClever Adjustable Phone Stand

measures 3.15×2.95×3.94″ in size and weighs in at 3.74 ounces.  On the base of the stand you will find four non-skid feet that help keep the stand from sliding about on your desk.  They are, however, not super sticky so you can easily move the stand around your desk with minimal effort.  Where this stand, erm, stands out from others on the market is the hinged cradle where your device rests.  This has a smooth actuator that allows you to rotate the cradle 270 degrees.  This can be very handy when it comes to different viewing angles but also if you have a top heavy device on it like a tablet.  You may need to set the view angle to almost vertical for the stand to hold many 8″ or larger tablets so it doesn’t simply tip over.  This one feature is frankly what sold me on this stand as I can easily hold my Nexus 6P, my Nexus 9 and iPhone SE on these stands and adjust the angles to fit my viewing or device requirement needs.

On the back of the stand (i.e. the “neck”) you will find precision cutouts in the aluminum chassis for cable threading.  There is a slot which is great for larger tipped cables like USB-C while the smaller hold cutout works great for MicroUSB and Lightening cables for iPhones.  There is also a channel cut out in the cradle itself so you can easily unplug your phone from the power source and the stand without too much hassle.


It is hard to quantify the performance (usability) of the iClever Adjustable Stand because, frankly, it is rather subjective.  For me, the stands have been brilliant.  It did take me a while to figure out the popper viewing angle for my Nexus 9 tablet as it is rather top heavy but once I got that sorted, it was no problem.  For the Nexus 6P and the iPhone SE, there was no problem and it cradled those device seemingly out-of-the-box.  I have also done a bit of torture testing on the actuator that allows the different angles to see if it loosens up over time.  Granted, I’ve had one stand for about 3 months and have purposely sat at my desk wrenching the cradle back and forth.  To this point I’ve seen no loss in ability to keep a position while a device is on it 0r off it.  iClever seems to have done a great job in getting this important feature of the stand right.  Time, of course, will tell but if there is an issue, iClever backs it up with a lifetime warranty so you should be covered anyway.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Nextbit Robin on the iClever Adjustable Stand

Nextbit Robin on the iClever Adjustable Stand

If you like device stands to keep your desk organized and your devices easily accessible, I have no problem recommending the iClever Adjustable Stand.  The adjustability of this stand makes it a breeze to use with almost any Android phone or an iPhone as well as most 7-8″ display tablets.  It is built solid with a firm actuator for moving the phone cradle that stands the test of use daily.

The iClever Adjustable Stand is currently available directly from iClever or on their Amazon storefront.  It is a little less expensive on the Amazon site at $12.99 versus $19.99.



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