Microsoft Selfie Hits Android – Finally

Some eleven months after it was made available for iOS users, Microsoft Selfie has finally hit the Google Play Store for Android devices.  The app is aimed at giving you some filtering options for photos you take with the app or selfies that you have in your camera roll.  While the selfie camera app-meets-filter app is not something new, this app does a pretty good job.  With each filter in the app you can adjust the intensity and there are 12 different filters that you can apply to your photos.  There is also a preview button that you can tap and hold to see the photo with and without the applied filter.

Microsoft also has an automatic, intelligent enhancement with each photo that you open or snap in the app.  Looking at things like the age of the person, lighting conditions, skin tone, etc., the app automatically applies the filter that it thinks is best.  You can, of course, override this to meet your own needs or wants.

To be sure, Microsoft Selfie is limited on the amount of filter you can do.  Namely, you can only have one filter applied to the photo.  No layer option is available – at least not yet.  To be fair, given this app is aimed at letting users quickly enhance a photo while on-the-go, it makes sense not to over do it and have a multitude of options and features.  Selfie is quick, simple and does what it says on

Microsoft Selfie for Android

Microsoft Selfie for Android

the box.  Just don’t look for an advanced photo editor here – you won’t find it.

The app is free and available now in the Play Store.

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