Mint Update Brings Fingerprint Support

For those of you who use Mint for managing your household budgets and finances, there is a nice update out for you this morning.  The update, version 4.14 for those keeping score at home, brings support for fingerprint authentication.  Mint joins an ever increasing number of apps that support fingerprint authentication as it for the most part will be safer than PINs or passwords.  The new feature is not enabled by default and, as expected, you won’t see it as an option if you have the app installed on a phone that doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner.  To enable it, go to Settings>Security and there is a new checkbox to enable it.  The next time you start up Mint, you will be prompted to scan your fingerprint to get into your financial information.

The app has undergone a few other minor tweaks.  Intuit has removed the ability to have your financial data update every four hours… kind of.  The actual function of refreshing four hours is still

Mint Fingerprint Support

Mint Fingerprint Support

there and it will do this anyway.  In fact, this is how the app has worked for a long while.  Mint had the ability for you to check a box to have it auto-refresh every four hours but since the app was doing it anyway, it was a bit redundant.  They removed the auto-refresh setting but it still updates every 4 hours anyway.  As always, you can manually pull down the screen and have it refresh your accounts on demand.

If you haven’t tried Mint and are looking for an easy-to-use budgeting and account manager for your financial accounts, give it a look.  It is free and one of the better financial apps out in the Play Store.

For those that have the app installed, the OTA update for this new build should be hitting your devices in the next day or two.

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