Google Launches Personal Security App Trusted Contacts

Google has launched an all new personal security app, Google Trusted Contacts.  As the name suggests, Trusted Contacts allows you to designate friends or family contacts as trusted where you can send them your location information or they can request it in case of an emergency.  The app allows your friends or family to see your activity, including your location and online activity, and determine if you are okay.  If they have not heard from you for a while, they can request your location information.  If you reply or deny the request, your contacts are notified that you are okay.  If you don’t respond within 5 minutes however, your location is automatically sent to your designated contacts so they can reach out to you or contact emergency services.

The great thing about Google Trusted Contacts is that it is not just aimed at being an emergency app.  You can use the app to notify your designated contacts that you are running late from the office or that you are on a jog, etc.  As the one with the app installed, you are in control of when information is sent to your contacts unless you don’t respond in a timely manner.  That means that your

Google Trusted Contacts

Google Trusted Contacts

trusted contacts can’t stalk you or track you without your knowledge.

The concept of what this app does is not new.  Apple has had a similar service for a long time for Apple users so it is good to see Android users get a similar app.  Further, the app only works with Android users, just like the Apple Find My Friends service only work with Apple devices.

The app is already in the Play Store and can be downloaded for free.  Once you have it installed, you can designate any number of contacts as Trusted and give them and yourself peace of mind.

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