Google Calendar and Google Fit Now Integrate for Goal Tracking

To help you keep track of your exercise goals, Google has announced a new integration between Google Calendar and Google Fit.  The change is behind the scenes and once it rolls out to everyone, you can track your exercising in Google Fit and it will automatically mark your time slot for exercising in Google Calendar as “done”.  It is a nice and easy way to keep track of your exercise routine while making sure it is built into your daily schedule.

Goal tracking in Google Calendar is not new.  It has been there since April of last year and allows you to track anything from exercise to reading time to learning a new language.  The goals are quite handy actually and the app is smart enough to look at what is on your calendar and schedule that goal in a time period where you don’t have other activities.  You can also tell it to set a time for the goal in the morning, afternoon or evening for even more refinement.  Now, on your exercise goals, you can tie them in with Google Fit so when you complete an exercise there, it update Calendar automatically as the goal being complete.

The new feature is still rolling out and, quite obviously, is only for goals that relate to exercise.  Equally, you have to use Google Fit or an exercise app that feeds data into Google Fit (like Runtastic

Google Calendar Goals Connect with Google Fit

Google Calendar Goals Connect with Google Fit

for example) in order for the automatic marking of “done” to happen in your calendar.  With this new feature, it could be several days before everyone sees it.  In the announcement, Google gave no indication that a new update of the apps for Android was required so it has all the markings of a behind-the-scenes update.

I, for one, haven’t seen it yet on my Nexus 6P or Nexus 9.

Once it hits your devices, leave a comment and let me know how it works for you.

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