Google+ Events Now Live

As previously announced, Google+ has begun enabling Events in the community app.  It is still in the process of rolling out but for many, Events are now showing up both on the web and the Android app.  You will know if you have received the behind-the-scenes update if you go to Google+ on your phone and tap the menu.  If it has come to your account, you will see events.

As the name suggests, Events allows you to create events either at a location or on Hangouts to your circles or public on Google+.  You can create the event, add dates and times and select who you want to invite and it will show up as an event to attend.  If you invite a select circle, they will be notified via the app while the public will have it appear in the timeline of the community feed.

Events was in service almost since the beginning but when Google started a major revamp of the service last year, it disappeared.  More than a few people were upset about it given that it was a quick

Google+ Events

Google+ Events

and easy way to get your circles together for an event, meeting or simply to have a Hangouts session together.

If you don’t have Events in Google+ yet, it is still rolling out so it may be a few more hours.  Also, on Android, make sure you have the latest version of the app to assure it is compatible.

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