Angry Birds 2 Gets A Big Pig-Popping Update

Rovio, the developer team behind the Angry Birds franchise, has pushed out a big update to Angry Birds 2 for Android.  The update brings 80 new levels to the game, Hamsterdam and Mississpiggy River chapters.  There are also improved treasures with bigger awards for players.  Perhaps the most noticeable change is the completely new home screen in the game.

The new home screen completely changes from the old, world map view that has been in the game since its initial release.  Now you see all of the birds in your flock in the center of the screen.  The world map, the arena and the daily quest are all large icons on the right side of the display.  It is a much cleaner and simpler design.

Along with the new levels and home screen, there are new hats for Valentine, Wizard hats and Steampunk hats.  There is also a new Epic card tier and

Angry Birds 2 New Home Screen

Angry Birds 2 New Home Screen

new slingshot levels that you can reach as you progress through the game.  The bottom line is whether you are a daily player of Angry Birds 2 or a casual player, there is something in this update for everyone.

If you have the game installed, the update should be coming to you via an OTA update today or tomorrow.  For those who haven’t tried the game, it is free (plenty of in-app purchases you can make but certainly don’t have to do so if you are patient) and a worthy successor to the original game.


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