Today’s Deal – Lexar 64GB MicroSD Card for $19.99

Today’s Deal is on the Lexar 64GB UHS-I/U1 MicroSD card.  Today on Amazon you can pick one up for $19.99 including the SD Card adaptor.  This is over a 50% discount off the regular price and given it’s specs, should work in just about any Android phone or tablet.  It features a 45MB/s Read speed and 20MB/s Write speed which is fast enough for it to capture full 1080p HD and even 4K video.  You can store 8 hours of HD video on the card so it will be great for video cameras too.

Like other MicroSD cards, this one is pretty much resistant to the elements.  It is resistant to magnets, cold, heat and of course water (or snow) so if you drop it, you won’t ruin it under normal circumstances.

For the $19.99 price, you will also get the SD card adaptor so you can slide the card into your Macbook or other devices for reading of the card and pulling off of videos and photos directly to your computer.  As always, be sure to check the specifications of your phone, tablet or camera to assure that this card will work for you.  If your device is from 2015 or newer, chances are you’ll be just fine but double-check.

For more details and information on Today’s Deal, head over to Amazon.

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