HTC 10 on Verizon To Start Getting Nougat Update March 30th

Some 4 months after the release of the Android Nougat update for the unlocked HTC 10, Verizon is finally releasing the update to the phone on their network.  The fun begins tomorrow, March 30th, according to a Tweet from HTC’s Mo Versi.  The update will make Verizon the last to update the phone on their network here in the United States.  T-Mobile rolled out the update back in January while Sprint rolled it out in February.  AT&T did not sell the HTC 10.

HTC, for their part, have been good about getting updates out on the HTC 10 when it comes to the unlocked version of the phone.  However, for carrier locked devices, they are at the mercy of the carriers to get the updates out to devices.  Verizon is notoriously slow at doing this so it isn’t a surprise they are the last one to update the phone on their network.

Assuming that the build is the same as the ones released for T-Mobile & Sprint, the update on the Verizon 10’s will be based on Android

HTC 10

HTC 10

Nougat 7.0 and will have the January or February Android Security Update.  Which specifically isn’t sure as Verizon could have slipped the February update in the time it has taken them to release the update.

Yes, I know, I’m being optimistic.

For those of you with an HTC 10 on Verizon, you can expect the updates to start rolling out tomorrow but it could take several days before everyone sees it on their phones.

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