Microsoft Cortana Update Brings Lock Screen Interactions on Android

Microsoft Cortana, the company’s digital assistant, has been updated for Android with the ability to interact with it from your lock screen.  Two weeks ago, Cortana was updated for Android adding the ability to have it on your lock screen.  From there, you could access your calendar, news and other information.  What you could not do, however, was interact with it by voice.  That has now changed.

With the version 2.6 update, which is rolling out now, you can ask Cortana questions just as you can when your device is unlocked and you tap the Cortana button.  You can ask the service a question, set a reminder for a task or event from your lock screen.

Microsoft has continued to push the development of their apps for Android and with the personal assistant battle raging between Google,

Microsoft Cortana in The Lock Screen

Microsoft Cortana in The Lock Screen

Amazon and Microsoft, having Cortana available to users from the lock screen gets them closer to the Google Assistant experience on Android.  Further, for Windows 10 users, this somewhat completes the circle of having the assistant readily available on their desktop and their phone.

The update to Microsoft Cortana is rolling out to the Play Store now.  If you have it installed, you should see the OTA update for it over the course of the next few days.  Once you do have it, you will have to give the app permission to work with your lock screen.

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