Microsoft Cortana Update Brings it to Your Lock Screen

Microsoft Cortana, the digital assistant named after the Halo character, has been updated for Android with a handy new Lock Screen feature.  The update is rolling out to users now and once it is to your phone, you can go into settings in the app to give it Lock Screen access.  Once done, you will be able to swipe to access Cortana and all of your information like weather, schedule and other information.

For those keeping score, the updated build is version 2.5.  If you haven’t installed Cortana on your phone yet, when you go through the initial setup process, you can give it access to your Lock Screen.  One thing to keep in mind that, unlike Google Assistant, you can’t speak to Cortana from the Lock Screen.

Along with the new Lock Screen support, Microsoft Cortana has a few other improvements that should give users a speed and stability boost.  Why use

Microsoft Cortana in The Lock Screen

Microsoft Cortana in The Lock Screen

Cortana over Google Assistant?  If you are a Windows 10 user and have configured Cortana there, having it on your phone is a nice and handy extension.

The release of the latest build of Cortana along with Google pushing Google Assistant to Marshmallow and Nougat devices shows the importance of digital assistants on mobile devices.  Everyone is getting into the game with Samsung and Huawei jumping in as well.

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