Project Fi App Updated With Minor Improvements

Project Fi subscribers, there is a small update rolling out for the app that should be hitting your phones in the next few days.  The update is build N.3.3.19 for those keeping score and it brings with it some minor updates and improvements.  Perhaps the most noteworthy update according to the Fi User Forums moderators post is more flexibility to notify users from inside the app.  What this means exactly wasn’t explained but I can assume it means that there are improved notifications or different types of notifications coming from the Fi app than previously.  I’ve already received the update but I’ve not seen any noticable changes in notifications or how it functions.

Along with this, fixes for app crashes have been applied in this update as well as, “Minor polishes to the account management experience”.  Again, having looked at this, I’m not seeing a change.  If you are a subscriber to Google’s MVNO and see a change, let me know (I’ll update this post with proper credit).

Beyond this, there isn’t much new to report.  It is certainly a minor update but if you are a Fi subscriber, it is worth getting the download on your phone, especially if you have had crash issues.

If you are curious about Project Fi, there is a whole section on it here on the site.  I’ve been a subscriber for well over a year now and I’m very pleased with the service.

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