New Paranoid Android Wallpapers from Hampus Olsson

Artist Hampus Olsson has released a set of six new wallpapers in support of the latest update to Paranoid Android.  For those who may not know Olsson’s work, he is the artist behind the colorful and creative wallpapers for OnePlus and Paranoid Android.  Chances are you have seen them, you just may not know the creator behind them.

The new wallpapers are available on his site and you can download them directly from there for all your devices, even if you aren’t running Paranoid Android.  He also has other artwork and wallpapers available on his site and a bit of history on his creative works.  You will also see the extensive list of clients he has who use his artwork.

The six new wallpapers are available in high resolution 4K so you can easily use them on your Windows or Mac as wallpaper

Hampus Olsson Another Galaxy

Hampus Olsson Another Galaxy

there, you tablet and, of course, your phone.  My favorite of these new wallpapers is titled “Another Galaxy” and I think it looks awesome as the wallpaper on both my Pixel XL and my Chromebook.

Head over to Hampus Olsson’s site to check out these new wallpapers and to check out all of his other works.

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