Arrow Launcher Update Brings Contact Management Improvements

Microsoft has a new update rolling out to Arrow Launcher in the Play Store that is bring some nice improvements to the launcher.  The update is version 3.7 for those keeping score at home and this build has been in beta for a few weeks with testers.  The update has some good improvements around contact management (or as Microsoft calls it, People) as well as some other fixes.

The People card on the Utility page in this update will now allow you to choose between multiple actions for contacts and Arrow can now deal with merging and de-duping of contacts within the contacts on your phone.  The multi-action feature is a long requested one of the launcher.

Local search results provided by Arrow can now be reordered in the results to help you find the content and information you need

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

quickly.  Also, the settings page has now been reorganized with a much cleaner look and feel.

There are a host of bug fixes in this update to Arrow Launcher too.  Bugs that were addressed include those in the Status bar, Calendar card (which was much needed too), Search, Hidden Apps and Auto update.  There are also tablet specific improvements to the launcher for those running it on your Android tablets.

Arrow Launcher is a solid launcher option for Android users, especially those who rely heavily on Microsoft solutions like Office 365 and Exchange.  I reviewed it earlier this year and believe it is the best launcher for those who depend heavily on Microsoft solutions.

The launcher is a free app in the Play Store.

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