Some Google Pixel Owners Reporting Issues Installing The July Security Update

There are reports from some Google Pixel owners that the July Android Security Update, which was released yesterday, is failing to install on their devices.  The issue appears to be rather discrete and not broadly impacting all Pixel owners.  The issue appears to be only on the 5″ model and only with build NKG47M.  That build is for T-Mobile and Project Fi.  The Pixel XL and other builds, at least for now, do not appear to be impacted.  I was able to install the same build on my Google Pixel XL, which is on Project Fi, without any issues.  That update was 70MB in size.

The issue is that the update simply will not install.  Users are prompted that the update is available and when they attempt to install it, they are given an error indicating that the update couldn’t be installed.  There is an option to try again but this appears to have no impact on the issue as it still will not install.

The good news is that Google is aware of the issue but it is unclear exactly what is causing it nor is it clear now Google plans to address it.  It is likely that they will release a subsequent patch for the Pixel but that is speculation and it is not clear when such a preventive measure would take place.

If you have a Google Pixel and are running into the issue, my recommendation is to indicate the issue in the Project Fi forums so Google can continue to see it impacting users and how wide spread the issue is for them.

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