Microsoft Arrow Launcher Beta Points to More Personalization & Refinements

Microsoft continues to tweak and incrementally improve their Android launcher app, Arrow Launcher.  The latest beta of the launcher has hit testers this week and with it comes a handful of refinements.  None of the new features in the version 3.8 build are major changes but collectively, there are a lot of small touches & improvements to the launcher to make it a more personalized experience and visually, more satisfying experience.

On the personalization front, your Microsoft account avatar is now shown in the settings of the launcher.  Linking your Microsoft account to Arrow Launcher has been there for some time but now you will see your avatar and can quickly launch into your account settings from Arrow.

The rest of the updates in this beta have to do with the UI and UX (User Interface & User Experience).  The News card on the utility page has been redesigned with UI refresh while the Calendar card has been modified to show you your upcoming

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

appointments.  The People card will let you see your Outlook contacts and you can use Arrow to merge duplicate contacts, a feature that was introduced in the last production version of the app.  This update more-or-less is a refinement of the card & process.

There is a new feature in settings which will allow you to completely reset Arrow Launcher and return to the default settings.  Finally, there are improvements to the spacing and layout of folders on the Launcher home page.

I reviewed Arrow Launcher in the Spring and I still contend that if you are one who is deep into the Microsoft ecosystem (Office 365, corporate Exchange, etc.) that it is a launcher that you should consider.  Equally, Microsoft is very active in updating this app. Generally speaking, they have one new beta and one new production release a month and they are absolutely listening to user feedback on features and refinements.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher is a free app and version 3.7 is available in the Play Store.  This beta version 3.8 is out to testers now and will likely go to production by the end of the month or early August.  You can sign up for the beta program in the Play Store if you want to take part and are comfortable with beta apps.

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