Microsoft Cortana for Android Gets a Major Update

Microsoft Cortana, the company’s personal assistant, has a major update rolling out for the Android version of the app.  Version 2.9 brings a major revamp of the user experience of the app, improved controls and settings and, frankly, is nearly an entirely new look and feel.

Microsoft has aimed the app to be much more streamlined with an emphasis on users being able to get to content more quickly.  Microsoft is referring to this as being more “hands-on” for things like reminders.  You can now, for example, pin your reminder to the top right corner of the page to make it easier to get to later.  You can also adjust contents, time, date and delete them from your reminders list.

The settings page in the latest build of Cortana has also had a major makeover.  They are much more streamlined and intuitive in this update.  Settings are more intuitive now and are more inline with the settings that you would find on a Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft Cortana for Android

Microsoft Cortana for Android

Microsoft has aimed the personal assistant at being a voice assistant so they have a lot of Machine Learning running in the background.  Like other assistants such as Google Assistant & Amazon’s Alexa, the more you use your voice to interact with Microsoft Cortana, the more it will learn your voice and speech patterns.
In addition to the revamp, Cortana also has the ability to support hands-free calling & texting.  This is a bit of a catch-up feature for Cortana as other personal assistants have had this feature for some time.


For those who use Windows 10, Cortana is an excellent choice as a personal assistant on your Android phone.  Interactions and information can be synced across your phone & your PC and you can set it up as your primary assistant on your phone instead of Google Assistant.

Cortana is a free app and available in the Play Store.  If you have Cortana on your Android phone, the update should be rolling out to you over the course of the next few days.

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