Paranoid Android Release 2 Brings Significant Improvements & New Features

Paranoid Android, one of the more popular custom ROMs available for a wide range of devices, has a new update rolling out.  Release 2 brings a significant number of new features and improvements to the build, which is based on Android Nougat 7.2.0.  There are several new devices that are now supported with this build.  They include the OnePlus One, the OnePlus X and Nextbit Robin (keep in mind that the official ROM for the Robin is built by the Paranoid Android team too).  Support for the Xiaomni Mi5, Nexus 6 and LeEco Le Pro 3 is also in Release 2.  Support for the Nexus 5 and the OnePlus 2 will be coming shortly, as soon as the team feels they have a viable build.

The release has several new features.  Pocket Lock, as the name suggests, locks your device by disabling input sources when your phone is in your pocket.  You can release it by long pressing the power button.  Accidental Touch is a feature that will prevent inputs from hardware buttons when the touchscreen is in use.  This is particularly handy for those who game on their devices.

The color engine in Release 2 has been updated with gray being introduced as the new primary and accent color.  There are also fixes for the theme engine that is built into the ROM.

For general improvements, the following has been addressed by the PA team:

  • Option for double tap to sleep on status bar
  • Screen off action for button settings
  • Fix for navigation bar swiping
  • Notification light fixes and improvements
  • Updated PA browser based on M60
  • Pulse on pickup fixed
  • Different fixes for contacts handling and integration into Google apps
  • Various Bluetooth connectivity fixes
  • Improvements for hardware key lighting
  • Higher quality wallpapers
  • Optimized fingerprint unlock speed
  • Fixed reboot to recovery message
  • Various performance enhancements
  • Various power related enhancements
  • Other fixes and improvements which will have to be discovered by you 🙂

There are also a raft of fixes for the OnePlus 3/3T and the Pixel/Pixel XL ROMs too:

OnePlus 3/3T:

  • Fixed various camera crashes

  • Fix for manual ISO control

  • Improved quality and post-processing in our custom camera HAL

  • Improved GPS performance and accuracy

  • Improved Wifi performance and power

  • Optimized NFC toggling speed

  • Fixes for specific Volte setups

  • Reworked automatic brightness tuning

  • Fix for lid support

  • Various major performance improvements

  • Improvements to memory management

  • Fix for the known idle drain issue

  • Various power related enhancementsNote: We generally recommend f2fs users to switch back to ext4 as f2fs has GC issues which can result in performance issues over time. This issue is not specific to this update and exists in stock as well.Google Pixel/Pixel XL

  • Fixed Google camera crashes

  • Fixed NFC tile

  • Updated kernel to latest EAS upstream

  • Merged latest security patches

  • Backported changes from O preview

  • Improved memory management when under pressure

    Note: OTA updates for these devices are currently unsupported and also a reflash of gapps would be needed after installing the update.

For those who are interested in flashing their devices to this new build, visit the Paranoid Android site to download the ROM for your device.  If you are already running the first release, an OTA will come to you (except for those on the Pixel/Pixel XL).

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