Today’s Deal – Google WiFi Single down to $99 on Amazon

Today’s Deal is on the Google WiFi single Access Point, which will give you Wi-Fi access throughout most homes & apartments.  Right now the single unit is on sale for $99, a savings of $30.

If you have a home or apartment that is 1500 square feet or less, the single should do the job for you.  No need to overbuy.  Over that and up to 4500 square feet, the 3-Pack is what you need for your home.  That is also on sale at $269.  The nice thing is, if you get a single and add more later, it is easy to add the new ones to the network via the Google WiFi app on your Android phone or iPhone.

Google WiFi was announced last October and is aimed at making networking at home simple.  The units create a mesh network,

Google WiFi Single

Google WiFi Single

giving you seamless coverage throughout your home.  The app that controls them allows you to pause the network for devices (think pausing the kids devices at dinner time) and network performance testing built in.  As I posted a couple of weeks ago, if you are a bit more network savvy, IPv6 is now supported too.

All you need to set it up is the Google WiFi app which is a free download from the Play Store and the App Store for iOS.

As with most of the Today’s Deal posts, shipping is free for those of you who are Amazon Prime customers.  The special pricing is through today or while supplies last.

For more details & to order, head over to Amazon.

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