Today’s Deal – WD 1TB External Hard Disk for $55 on Amazon

Today’s Deal is a great option for those looking for more storage for their MacBook, Chromebook or PC.  The WD 1TB external hard disk is down to $54.99 today on Amazon.  That’s a savings of 35% off the regular $84 price.  The drive supports USB 3.0 so transfers of data to and from it will be up to 5GB/sec (assuming your hardware supports it).

The drive is also compact.  It measures 3.2 x 4.4 x 0.6 in and weighs just over 4 ounces.  This compact design truly makes this drive portable and easily fits in your backpack or case for carrying with you as you travel.

The WB 1TB drive will come formatted in NTFS and will have WD’s Smartware Pro backup software.  That software will come with a free trial but if you don’t want it or if you want to format the drive for use with MacOS or Chrome OS, it’s not a problem to do.  Do note though that you will lose the Smartware Pro software should you decide to reformat the drive – but it can be downloaded again from the WD site.

If you are looking for local storage or simply want to have a local copy of what you have stored in your cloud storage service, this drive is an excellent option to consider.  It comes with the USB 3.0 cable and a 2-year warranty.

For more details, head over to Amazon.

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