Google Home Support for Hands-Free Calling Rolling Out

Google Home has a server-side update rolling out that brings a much desired feature to the Smart Speaker device:  Hands-free calling.  Home users in the United States & Canada will now have the ability to place a call to a local business or a contact by saying, “Hey Google, call (business or contact)”.  It is a feature that was highlighted earlier this year at Google I/O as Google continues to improve the device.

The new feature means that instead of having to pick up your mobile, you can simply make a call from any Google Home device you have in your home.  Obviously the call is broadcasted via the speaker built into the device so private calls should still be dealt with from your phone.

If you are a Project Fi or Google Voice customer, there is an added bonus immediately in Caller ID.  Non-Fi or Google Voice callers will have their Caller ID show up as “unknown” to whomever you are calling while Fi and Voice customers will have their number displayed to callers.  You will need to be sure to link your Fi number to Home in the Home app settings on your phone for this to show up.  Caller ID will be rolling out to all users later on this year.

Further, it should be noted that Google Home does not support calls to 911 currently.  Those still have to be made from your phone.

The new feature, as mentioned, is only available in the US and Canada currently.  It was not made clear in the announcement on when it would be coming to other countries where Home is available.

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