Walmart Coming to Google Express in September

Google has announced that US retailing giant Walmart will be coming to Google Express in late September.  The addition of Walmart to the shopping app means that you will be able to buy thousands of products from the retailer via the app or by adding it to your list via Google Home.

We’re entering an exciting partnership with Walmart to bring you hundreds of thousands of products at Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices—everything from laundry detergent to Legos—that you can buy through voice with your Assistant on Google Home or on the Google Express website or app.

The addition of Walmart to Google’s shopping app & service will greatly expand the products available to users.   If you already have a Walmart account, in the Express app you will be able to link your accounts which will allow for a quick and smooth shopping experience.

In addition to the coming of Walmart to Express, Google has also announced that shipping is now free for everyone, regardless of if you have a membership or not.  So long as you order the retailer’s minimum order requirements, shipping will be free and it will arrive within 1-3 business days depending on your location.

Essentially, this eliminates the Google Express membership program which was $99 a year.  For those of you who had paid for a membership, you will be seeing a partial refund for the months of service not used.  You can find more details on the Express help page.

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