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Google Express Expands With Four New Retailers

The shopping app Google Express continues it growth with the addition of four new retailers as shopping options.  Epic Sports, Murad, Nothing Like This, and RWGC are now all live in the app and on the Express website and with the promotion code DAD20, you can save on your first order from these and any of the other retailers (up to $20 off).

For those who aren’t familiar with Google Express, it is a shopping app that allows you to order from a wide range of retailers and have your purchases delivered to your door.  There are 56 different retailers as part of Express with everything from sporting goods to cosmetics to home furnishings.

Overstock The Latest Store to be Added to Google Express

Overstock, the online retailer of a wide range of personal and home decor items, has become the latest company to be added to Google Express.  That brings the total number of retailers you can buy from within the Express site or app up to 56, all with free shipping after a certain purchase level.

If you aren’t familiar with Overstock, they started life as a company selling equipment and other furnishings from startups that had gone bust.  But that quickly morphed into selling new furnishings, personal care items and home decor, some of which is now specifically manufactured for the company.

Google Express Adds Target to Retailers List

Google Express has added Target stores to their growing list of retailers starting today.  Now when you open the Express app on your phone, you will have the option to show Target for a wide range of products from the big box retailer.  You can also associate your Target REDcard, their discount program, with Express to get discounts and free shipping.

Target is available only in the United States and only in the lower-48.  Hawaii and Alaska are not included.  As with other retailers, Target will provide free, 2-day shipping on orders over $35.

This is the second major US retailer that has joined Google Express in the past few months.  If you remember, Walmart recently joined the service.

Walmart Now in Google Express and Google Home

Last month, Google and Walmart made an announcement that shopping for the retailer would be coming to Google Express and Google Home.  That agreement has now gone live and you can find Walmart in the app as a shopping option.

Users will be able to link their Walmart online account with Google Express and shop a wide range of products from the retailer, mostly focused on groceries, and have them added to your Express shopping list.  They are then shipped to your home and if you spend over $35, the shipping is free.

Home Depot Coming to Google Express Later This Year

Home Depot, the nations largest home improvement chain, will be coming to Google Home and Google Express.  In a press release, the company announced that customers will be able to shop via Google Home and have their orders shipped to them via Google Express, Google’s shopping service.

“We’re focused on delivering convenience and value as we continue to invest in best-in-class interconnected experiences for our customers,” said Online President and Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hofmann. “Google has been a key strategic partner for us over many years and we’re excited to take our relationship to the next level with the Google Assistant and Google Express.”

The addition will mean that Google Express will offer shopping and free shipping from over 20 retailers by the end of the year.  Remember that Walmart is also coming to Google Express this month.

Walmart Coming to Google Express in September

Google has announced that US retailing giant Walmart will be coming to Google Express in late September.  The addition of Walmart to the shopping app means that you will be able to buy thousands of products from the retailer via the app or by adding it to your list via Google Home.

We’re entering an exciting partnership with Walmart to bring you hundreds of thousands of products at Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices—everything from laundry detergent to Legos—that you can buy through voice with your Assistant on Google Home or on the Google Express website or app.

The addition of Walmart to Google’s shopping app & service will greatly expand the products available to users.   If you already have a Walmart account, in the Express app you will be able to link your accounts which will allow for a quick and smooth shopping experience.

Google Express Update Brings Offline Shopping List Support

The shopping app Google Express has been updated for Android today, bringing the ability to edit and access your shopping lists while you are offline.  For those who may not know, Google Express is a shopping app that allows you to shop over 30 stores like Costco, Whole Foods and Target and have those purchased items delivered to your home.  The service has next day delivery in most areas and is free shipping for those who have a membership.  That membership is $10 per month but is not required to use the app – you’ll just pay shipping.

The updated version of the app is 18.0 and once you have it, you will be able to access your shopping lists and edit them while you are offline.  Think of that thing you need to buy while on a flight?  No problem.  Open the app update, add it, and it will sync up with the service once you are back online.

Google Express Update Brings Shared Shopping Lists

Google Express, the shopping app with next day delivery for subscribers, has been updated with several changes.  The biggest new feature is the ability to invite friends and family to add items to your Shopping Lists.  Items can be added to these shared lists via your phone (the app), computer or by speaking to Google Home.  As you may recall, the Google Assistant shopping list feature of Home moved on Monday from Google Keep to Google Express.  That has irked more than a few Home users who didn’t want to have to install another app to manage shopping lists.  Deeper though, it makes sense as all shopping and shopping lists are now in Express and not in both Express (if you used it) and Keep.  Your mileage, of course, will vary.

Another big part of this update is the deprecation of support for Android Jelly Bean.  That version of Android was released nearly 5 years ago and continues to fall in usage based on the Android Distribution Report.  With regards to Express, the app won’t run on a device running Jelly Bean.

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