Google Fit Update Brings Improved Workout Mode

A new update to Google Fit for Android is rolling out with several new features and enhancements.  The update is version 1.73 for those keeping score at home and most of the updates are aimed at improving your workout experience and summaries.

The most visible change in the update is the redesigned workout mode and you can now review summaries of past activities on your Android Wear device.  With Android Wear devices, you can now hear spoken announcements while you are running too.

Automatic measuring and tracking of your heart rate throughout the day is now available too.  Right now it only works on the LG Watch Sport, the Huawei Watch 2 and the Montblanc Summit but the Release Notes indicate that additional devices will be supported in the future.  Related to this, heart rate summaries for strength-training activities is now available too.

Overall you will find a smattering of tweaks and UI updates throughout the app.  Overall the performance is a bit smoother and snappier so even if you don’t have the watches to track your heart rate, the update is worth while getting.

The OTA for the update is rolling out in the Google Play Store now.  It should hit everyone over the course of the next day or two.

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