Home Depot Coming to Google Express Later This Year

Home Depot, the nations largest home improvement chain, will be coming to Google Home and Google Express.  In a press release, the company announced that customers will be able to shop via Google Home and have their orders shipped to them via Google Express, Google’s shopping service.

“We’re focused on delivering convenience and value as we continue to invest in best-in-class interconnected experiences for our customers,” said Online President and Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hofmann. “Google has been a key strategic partner for us over many years and we’re excited to take our relationship to the next level with the Google Assistant and Google Express.”

The addition will mean that Google Express will offer shopping and free shipping from over 20 retailers by the end of the year.  Remember that Walmart is also coming to Google Express this month.

Google has been pushing hard to get Express in a competitive state against the likes of Amazon.  While it is still limited when you compare the two, the Mountain View company has been making big strides of late to give customers who use Google Home and Express a wide range of shopping options to get the things they need.  Recently, the $99 per annum subscription for Express was scrapped, meaning that if you purchase through the service, shipping of your things is free once you hit that particular retailer’s minimum purchase.



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