Huawei P10 Update Brings Improved Security and VoLTE Support

There is a new update rolling out for the Huawei P10 that brings a host of improvements and new features.  The update is build VTR-L09C432B162 for those keeping score at home for the single SIM model of the phone.  The dual SIM variant will be VTR-L29C432B162 but the key is the “B162” portion.

The first thing this update brings is an updated Android Security Update patch to July 2017.  This is up from the April 2017 patch in the previous build so it is a big step forward.

Second is what Huawei is calling MirrorLink.  This allows you to link your phone to your car or MiraCast device to share the display of your phone with that device.

Perhaps the more interesting part of this update for the Huawei P10 is Voice over LTE support and Voice over WiFi support.  The VoLTE and VoWiFi is highly carrier dependent, meaning if your carrier doesn’t support it or doesn’t support it for the P10, it won’t work.  However, more carriers are bringing it online while here in the US, T-Mobile has probably the most robust support.  Check with your carrier to see if it supported.

Along with all of these new features & updates, there are also a handful of battery optimization features that are in the build that, in my brief testing throughout this morning, have made a big difference.

One important note is that the base Android build does not increment in this update.  You are still going to be on Android Nougat 7.0.  Huawei is expected to update the P10 to EMUI 6.0, their flavor of Android Oreo, in the future.  Like other manufactures however, when exactly that will happen is unknown.


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