Latest Paranoid Android Build Brings a New Camera App

Paranoid Android, the AOSP-based build for a wide range of phones, has a big update rolling out that brings a lot of improvements and features. The new update is build 7.3.0 and is rolling out now.

The biggest new feature is their own camera app.  The new camera app is a simple but effective app with easy-to-understand controls (swipe left or right to go between camera and video for example) and has all the camera features you’d expect like slow motion, HDR and red eye reduction.

The team has also been working on the Launcher built into their build.  It now supports hiding apps, rounded app icons, custom icon searching and Dock color customization.

Here is the rundown of non-device specific updates in this release:

  • Include reworked camera app: Paranoid Camera
  • Include new Launcher features, improvements & fixes
  • Include experimental support for simultaneous use of Color Engine and Substratum
  • Include new security patches
  • Include various performance improvements
  • Include various stability fixes and minor improvements
  • Fix GPS issues with “Waze” and other apps
  • Fix Trusted Face
  • Fix possible Immersive Mode force close(s)
  • Fix bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Fix various theming issues
  • Fix data integrity issues
  • Fix multiple frameworks resource and memory leaks

There are also various fixes for specific devices in this release too.  Some of these fixes are for the Nexus lineup of phones as well as OnePlus.  Be sure to read the full release notes over on Google+ to get all the details.


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