Latest Update to Microsoft Cortana Brings Major Updates

A new and significant update to Microsoft Cortana for Android, Microsoft’s personal assistant for the platform, is now rolling out in the Google Play Store. The updated build is version 2.9.4 for those keeping score at home and brings handful of new features and improvements.

First, Microsoft has made it easier to sign in and to sign up to use Cortana in the app.  You can quickly sign up with your mobile number to get going in the app more quickly.  Second, you can now create a new list (think shopping list for example) and edit list items within the app.  This was a big miss for Windows 10 users as you had to create the list on your PC and then let it sync with Cortana.

Microsoft has also improved the My Day view within Cortana.  Top news and your to-do list (assuming you have created it within Cortana) will now be displayed in My Day for a one-stop place to get caught up on things you need to do or the happenings of the world.  The app still does not sync with Microsoft To-Do (neither does Arrow Launcher for that matter) which is still an area that needs improvement.  That means you will need to decide which app you want to use to sync up your To-Do lists.

As for other things in this update,

  • Smart suggestions to help you do things fast
  • Personalized help & tips
  • Chitchat buttons, so fun with Cortana is just a tap away

Overall this is an excellent update to Microsoft Cortana & one that if you are using the assistant on your Android phone, you will want to pick up.  The OTA is rolling out now and should be to all users over the next few days.  If you want to try out Cortana, you can download it free in the Play Store.

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