Microsoft Waives Fees for Skype Calls to Puerto Rico

The US territory Puerto Rico was for all intents-and-purposes destroyed a couple of weeks ago by Hurricane Maria.  Millions are without power and even basic human needs like food and water are scarce.  One of the challenges is for people here in the US to get in contact with friends & family on the island since the hurricane but Microsoft is trying to help.

Until further notice, calls to Puerto Rico landlines and mobile numbers will be free via Skype.  The company announced the waiving of fees this morning and it is in effect for both domestic and international calls via Skype.

The waiving of fees only applies to the two Puerto Rican area codes:  787 and 939.  Calls made to and from those area codes are covered in this elimination of fees.

The move by Microsoft is not uncommon.  For other hurricanes and earthquakes, the company has waived fees so that people can use them when other traditional infrastructure may not be available.  The company also recently waived fees for calls to and from Mexico City after the earthquake in September.

Microsoft will monitor the situation and eventually fees will return.  For now, they are providing a free way for people to get in touch with family and friends that are impacted by this massive storm.


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