Walmart Now in Google Express and Google Home

Last month, Google and Walmart made an announcement that shopping for the retailer would be coming to Google Express and Google Home.  That agreement has now gone live and you can find Walmart in the app as a shopping option.

Users will be able to link their Walmart online account with Google Express and shop a wide range of products from the retailer, mostly focused on groceries, and have them added to your Express shopping list.  They are then shipped to your home and if you spend over $35, the shipping is free.

Because Google Home and Google Assistant leverage Google Express for shopping list, the linking with Walmart means you can shop using your Google Home.   Walmart has also worked closely with Google to enable the Easy Reorder feature

Walmart in Google Express

Walmart in Google Express

that the retailer has online into the Google shopping experience.

While the Walmart integration into Express is focused heavily on groceries, it is not limited to it.  You can buy paper and plastic products, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, baby supplies, pet supplies, makeup and office related items to name just a few categories.  It isn’t as extensive as shopping in the retail store itself, especially one of their Super Stores, but it does make it quick and easy to shop to get the essentials.

The addition of Walmart is a server-side change within Google Express so everyone should be seeing at this point.

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