Yet Another Minor Chrome OS Update Rolling Out Today

For the second time in four days, the Chromium team within Google has released a minor update to Chrome OS.  The updated version is build 60.0.3112.114 (Platform version: 9592.96.0).  That’s the same build number as the release on September 15th but the Platform version has incremented.  Like the release last week, it is for all devices except the Acer Chromebook 15 (CB3-532) and the Samsung Chromebook 3.

The update is more-or-less a copy of the release last week when it comes to what is addressed.  There are no new features but rather a collection of small security fixes, performance improvements and other bug fixes.  What exactly was addressed or fixed has not been released.

This update is very small.  This morning I updated my Asus Chromebook 14 with this new build and all in, from download to restart, was less than 5 minutes.  As always, you can force the update to happen on your Chrome OS device by typing chrome://help in the browser and checking for an update.

The next major version of the platform, Chrome 61, should be released later this month with more Chromebooks expected to have support for Android apps as well as other UI improvements.  That version is currently in the beta channel for most devices.

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