Android Supporting Chromebook List Gets Significant Update

It has been a while since the Chromium team has updated the Chromebook and Chromebox list of devices that support Android apps.  In fact, the last significant update happened back in August.  Now the team has made a big update to the list, updating it with the current status of Android apps on Chrome OS.

The list can be found here and as I’ve suggested before, I recommend readers who use Chrome OS to bookmark the page.  This is the official list of devices that do or will support Android apps.  Yes, it is often slow in getting updated but it is the official list nevertheless.

54 different Chromebook and Chromebox models now support Android apps in the stable channel.  That is a significant jump from the last update.  It wasn’t that users couldn’t run Android apps, it was just that this list hadn’t been updated so users did not know for sure.  For example, my Acer Chromebook 14 has been running Android apps in the Stable channel for over a month.  However, until this update of the official list today, you wouldn’t have known it as it was still listed as “beta channel”.

Clearly there is still work to do as you scan this list.  There are still dozens of devices in the “Planned” phase and with Android app support expected to roll out of beta this year, they are going to have a busy end of 2017.


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