Google Assistant Can Play Your Apple Music on Your iPhone

For those of you who use Google Assistant on your iPhone, you can now have it play music from your Apple Music account.  Just like other music services, you can link your Apple Music account via a toggle switch in the Music section of the Settings for Assistant.  Once linked, you can use Assistant to play music from the service by saying, “Play Rush on Apple Music“.

The functionality of Google Assistant on iOS is somewhat limited as you cannot have it as your default Assistant.  That still is reserved for Siri and is unlikely to change (on Android, you can change the default Assistant app).  That means that the functionality of this new feature is going to require you to fire up Google Assistant and give the command.  In other words, it isn’t as smooth a user experience as Siri… but it is Google Assistant which is documented at being superior Siri in accuracy.

By using Google Assistant, you also can gain access to your Google Play Music library, YouTube Music and Spotify to name a few.  It is a trade off for iPhone users as to which assistant – Google or Siri – will work best for you.

At the time of this post, the ability to add Apple Music to Assistant on Android was not available.  That could be changing as there is an Apple Music app for Android available and, assuming Apple has enabled it for Google Assistant, should work.  I’ll update the post should this change but for now, it appears to be an iOS link only.

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