Google Calendar Material Design Look Launches

After months of testing by Google Top Contributors and Googlers, the new Material Design look of Google Calendar has gone live.  All accounts should be seeing the option to go to the new calendar look over the course of the next 48 hours.

The update brings a much needed refresh of the Google Calendar interface which, let’s be honest, was a bit “engineering looking” for the longest time.  The new look fits well into the overall Material Design look and feel that Google is after in their own apps for Android and other web-based apps.

Functionally you aren’t going to find a lot of new features but some things have moved around.  If you are a heavy user of the web-based service, spend a bit of time to search out things.  The biggest change I noted in the months of tested I did internally was the addition of other calendars (like sports or holiday calendars) is now in settings.  Moving from day, week and month view is now much cleaner thanks to the new drop down menu and all of the settings within Calendar have a Material Design look and feel to them.

As with any big update, if you see bugs or issues, please use the Google Calendar forum to get help and information.


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