Google Photos Update Improves Video Sharing Speeds

Google Photos for Android has a small but handy update rolling out to users today.  The update, version 3.6 for those keeping score at home, brings improved speeds when it comes to sharing videos from your collection.

The improvements in speeds comes in the way that Photos handles video sharing.  When you want to share a video, a low resolution version of that video is uploaded to the service while the full resolution version is uploaded more slowly.  This is particularly handy when you are in congested network or have low signal while out-and-about.  Now you can share the video and it not take a long time to upload before you can share it.

Once the full resolution version of the video is available online, the low-res version is replaced by it.  The idea is that you can share that weird cat video you shot instantly without having to wait for it to upload to your account.

There are no other new features in this release to Google Photos beyond the normal under-the-hood bug fixes and stability improvements.

The OTA update for Photos is rolling out in the Google Play now and should get to everyone over the course of the next few days.  If by chance you haven’t tried out the service, you can download the app free in the Play Store.  Photos is one of the most used Google apps & services today with over 500 million active users per month.

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