Microsoft Band Gets A Rare Update to Fix Sync Issues

The Microsoft Band app, the Android app which supports the company’s now defunct fitness tracker, has received a surprise update today that owners of the Band 2 will certainly appreciate.

Sync problems have plagued the Band 2 for a couple of months now and while Microsoft did say they found the source of the issue early on, it has taken them a long time to address it both in the Android app and in their Windows 10 app.  The new update for Android is build 2.3.31002.0 for those keeping score at home and it is rolling out to the Play Store now.

As you would expect, given that the Microsoft Band is a discontinued product, there are no new features or functionality in this new build.  This is strictly a fix for the sync issues that owners were experiencing and some other minor bug fixes.

In the highly competitive fitness tracker market, the Band never took off and Microsoft discontinued the Band 2 in 2016, cancelling what was assumed to be its replacement at the same time.  It is unlikely that there will be a new Band tracker any time soon but it is good to see that, at least for now, Microsoft is continuing to put a little effort into the app.

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