Chrome Browser Sees A Minor Security Update

For those of you who use the Chrome browser on your Windows PC, Mac or Linux machines, there is a new update rolling out for you today.  The new version is build 63.0.3239.108 and is a security update that addresses two security concerns with the browser.  The update keeps what has been the norm for Chrome in that a major release happens early in the month and a minor release happens in the middle to end of the month.

As you can see by the build number, this update remains in the Chrome 63 train.

Google hasn’t released full details of the fixes that are in this update but has outlined the one high priority item that was addressed was a security flaw while the second security issue was not addressed in the release notes.  Google tends to not release bug details until after a majority of users have been updated to assure that the exploit is not used.

As you would expect, there are also a smattering of bug fixes and performance improvements in this new build of the Chrome browser.  This is also something that Google tends to do in these midstream updates.

If you use Chrome as your primary browser, you should see the update come to your install over the course of the next few days.  As always, you can force the issue if you want by typing chrome://help in the omnibar and it will force the browser to check for the update.  On my MacBook and on my Huawei Matebook, I’ve already forced the update so it is indeed live.

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