Today’s Deal – Poweradd SoundFly 40W Bluetooth Speaker 40% Off

Today’s deal is a great one for readers.  Poweradd, the maker of a wide range of accessories, has offered up a 40% discount on their new SoundFly 40W Bluetooth Speaker.  Normally it is $99.99 but if you use the coupon code 2J3YJ8HW when you check out, it drops to $59.99.  Head over to Amazon to check it out.

The Poweradd SoundFly sports four 10W speakers plus a bass diaphragm that is designed to give you full bodies surround sound.   It also has DSP processor built-in to give you that clean, crisp sound even with a lot of bass.  The speaker itself is made from a combination of ABS and aluminum for a durable and stylish look.  The speaker also sports a touch sensative backlight that give you all of your controls like pause/play, replay/next track and NSF connectivity.

As the name suggests, the SoundFly supports Bluetooth 4.0 so it is compatible with virtually any phone or tablet out there – Android or iOS.  There is also a 3.5mm jack if you want to hardwire a device in (like an iPod).  There is also a built-in battery so you can use the speaker where ever you like and it is designed to last 4-8 hours depending on volume.  The good news is, charging is fast at only 2.5 hours.

The Poweradd SoundFly comes with the MicroUSB charging cable and AC adapter, 3.5mm auxilary cable and a 24 month warranty.

The promotional price is for a limited time.  Be sure to use the coupon code 2J3YJ8HW when you check out at Amazon.

Big thanks to the Poweradd team for this promotion for readers!

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