Fandango App Update Brings Google Pay Payment Option

There is a new update rolling out to the Fandango app this morning.  The only change, outside of bug fixes and stability improvements, is the app now indicates support for Google Pay.

If you don’t remember, Google Pay was announced at CES last week as a single payment solution for sending money to friends, making retail store purchases, online purchases and in app purchases.  It is a merging of Android Pay and Google Wallet.  Fandango was one of the apps mentioned that would have it in short order and it is now live.

From a user perspective, there is nothing you need to do.  If you had Android Pay configured in the Fandango app, all of your information has been transferred over to Google Pay for you.  When you are making a purchase, you will select G Pay instead of the old Android Pay.

Fandango App Supporting Google Pay

Fandango App Supporting Google Pay

You can expect other developers, especially those who had Android Pay as an option in their app, to start moving over to G Pay in short order.  As for end users, it will be a bit longer before there is a new stand alone app so continue to use the Android Pay app for now for purchases and Google Wallet for sending funds to friends & family.

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