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You Can Now Order Movie Tickets on Fandango From Google Assistant

Good news today for those of you who use Fandango to get your movie tickets.  You can now use Google Assistant on your phone to find movie times near you and order your tickets all with voice commands.   You can continue to use the Fandango app of course but now you have a voice enabled option.  Sweet!

The feature only works on Assistant on your phone and while you can ask your Google Home for details, it is going to move the process over to your phone to complete it.  Hopefully it’ll get fully enabled on home at some point but as you can see after the break, the interaction with Assistant on your phone is pretty visual instead of just blurting out a bunch of movie times.

Fandango App Update Brings Google Pay Payment Option

There is a new update rolling out to the Fandango app this morning.  The only change, outside of bug fixes and stability improvements, is the app now indicates support for Google Pay.

If you don’t remember, Google Pay was announced at CES last week as a single payment solution for sending money to friends, making retail store purchases, online purchases and in app purchases.  It is a merging of Android Pay and Google Wallet.  Fandango was one of the apps mentioned that would have it in short order and it is now live.

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