Google Drive Gains Folder Specific Searching Feature

Google is in the process of rolling out a new folder specific search function for Google Drive online.  The new feature will allow you to right-click a folder stored on your Drive and search only within that folder, not your entire cloud storage.

The idea of course it give you quicker search results if you have a lot of content stored in Google Drive or on Team Drives if you are a G Suite domain utilizing that feature.  It is a feature that has been sorely missed by many, especially customers who are utilizing Team Drives in their organization.

The feature is a cloud-side change that Google is rolling out and according to the release notes on it, it will take up to 15 days before everyone sees the change.  You will know that you have it when you have the option to search the specific folder you have right-clicked on your Drive account.

Search In a Google Drive Folder

Search In a Google Drive Folder

Google pointed out that in order for the feature to work, it must be a folder that is on your personal Google Drive account or on your Team Drive account.  If it is a folder that has been shared with you, you have to add that folder to your Drive in order for it to be specifically searchable.

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