Google Jamboard Now a Core G Suite Service

Google has announced today that their whiteboard sharing and collaboration platform, Google Jamboard, has been moved to a core G Suite service.  The move means that the device will be available to all levels of G Suite customers including Basic, Business, Enterprise, and Education customers.  When launched, Google Jamboard was only available to Enterprise customers.

The 55″ 4K monitor based Jamboard comes with a stylus for interactions (it’s passive so no pairing required) and can even distinguish between the stylus and your finger.  Think of drawing with the stylus and erasing with a finger.  It is available for $4999 in three colors and has a rolling stand available for an additional $1349.  You can check out ordering details here.

Google Jamboard was announced back at the Google Cloud Next event in March 2017 and received high praise at the time.  It was clear though at the event and following events that Google was wanting to make sure they had a small number of customers using it first so they could refine it before making it generally available.

With tight integration to Hangouts and Google Drive, Jamboard makes it extremely easy to collaborate and share content across a single or multiple sites using the cloud-based service.

For G Suite admins, the Jamboard features are enabled by default so if you add one of the devices to your G Suite install, you are ready to go almost immediately.

To learn more about Jamboard, head to the official site.

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