Google Phone App Update Brings Bluetooth Call Fixes

The Google Phone app has a small update rolling out but it has a big fix for some users who have had issues with answering calls with a Bluetooth device connected to your phone.  The update, version 16.0.181771308 is rolling out now and it fixes an issue where users couldn’t answer calls because their phones wouldn’t wake up when a call was incoming.  The issue seemed to impact mostly Pixel 2 owners but others in the Google Product forums reported it as well.

The issue, based on reports in the forums, seems to have been resolved with this update which became an issue after the last update to the app.

If you have been impacted by this bug in the Google Phone app, once you receive the update to the app, it is recommended that you reboot your phone then reconnect your Bluetooth headphone or speaker to your phone.  Without a reboot of your phone, you could still have the issue after the update.

Aside from this important bug fix, there isn’t much new in the way of the app itself.  This update appears to be a pure bug fix build.

The update is in the Play Store now and should be rolling out to your phone over the course of the next few days.

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