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Google Phone for Android Can Now Send Spam Calls Straight to Voicemail

Google has quietly rolled out an update to the Google Phone app for Android, the dialer app for the Nexus and Pixel lineup and a few other phones out there that can run it.  The update brings the ability to send recognized spam calls straight to your voicemail and won’t even notify you of the call.  That way you don’t even face the distraction of a notification.

The feature only works on on calls that are recognized as spam calls from Google so it may be a bit hit-and-miss at times.  But when it does hit, it will be a great way be distraction free from these types of calls.

Google Phone App Update Moves Sound Settings to System Settings

The Google Phone app for Nexus and Pixel devices has a minor update rolling out today that streamlines the sound settings of the app.  Version 18.0.187698947 is the new build for those keeping score at home and on the surface, you won’t find anything new.

The only note of change is the Sound & vibration settings found in Settings.  In previous builds, this was located directly within the app so settings were somewhat independent of the system sounds.  That has changed in this build.  Now when you tap the sound settings, you are sent to the System sound settings, providing a bit more control but also a simplified experience.

Google Phone App Update Brings Voicemail Transcription to T-Mobile Subscribers

The Google Phone app has a new update rolling out that brings voicemail transcription to T-Mobile subscribers.  The update to the app is version 17.0.186697879 for those keeping score at home and it brings those who use T-Mobile on par with Verizon and Project Fi customers who use the app.

Like with the other carriers, when you get a voicemail on your T-Mobile number, you will not get an artificial intelligence created transcription of that voicemail, allowing to quickly read it instead of having to listen to it.

Google Phone App Update Brings Chat Head Widget

The Google Phone app is being updated in the Google Play Store, bringing a new chat head feature and improved persistent notification shade.  The new build is version 17.0.184919600 and will come to compatible devices (Google Nexus & Pixel phones, Android One phones, etc) over the next few days.

The main new feature is a chat head feature.  Now, when you are in a call and move away from the Google Phone app, you will have a chat head, similar to Facebook Messenger, appear on your Home screen.  Tapping that head will allow you to control the call:  Return to the call, mute the call, move the call to speaker or hang up.  There is nothing you have to do to enable this feature and you can move the chat head around your Home screen to a convenient place.

Google Phone App Update Brings Bluetooth Call Fixes

The Google Phone app has a small update rolling out but it has a big fix for some users who have had issues with answering calls with a Bluetooth device connected to your phone.  The update, version 16.0.181771308 is rolling out now and it fixes an issue where users couldn’t answer calls because their phones wouldn’t wake up when a call was incoming.  The issue seemed to impact mostly Pixel 2 owners but others in the Google Product forums reported it as well.

The issue, based on reports in the forums, seems to have been resolved with this update which became an issue after the last update to the app.

Elevate Calls to Google Duo in The Google Phone App

It has taken a few weeks but the ability to elevate a call within Google Phone to Google Duo has now rolled out to everyone.  The feature allows you to switch a phone call from a voice only call to a video call with a touch of a button within the Phone app.  But, as you would suspect, there is a catch.

First, you and the person you are calling has to be using the latest Google Phone app and the latest Google Duo app.  The latter of these isn’t so tough as you can download it from the Play Store.  The former, however, isn’t so easy.  Many manufactures have their own phone apps and you can’t install the Google app.

Assuming you can get past the apps issue, the other gotcha is that both you and the calling party have to have Duo installed and registered with the mobile number you are calling.  It is only under these circumstances that you’ll see the video call option in the Phone app.

Google Phone Update Brings Contact Clean-Up and International Dialing Assistance

While it won’t fall in the “most exciting” app category, the Google Phone app is a solid performer and Google, like so many of their other apps, continues to make improvements to it.  The latest update to the dialer is rolling out in the Google Play Store now, bringing with it a few new features along with the normal smattering of bug fixes & performance updates.

The new build is version 15 for those keeping score at home.

Borrowing a feature from the Google Contacts app, this new version of the Phone app now has a contact clean up feature.  Now when you go to the Contacts tab within the app, a bottom pop-up will display to show you which contacts you have that are duplicated.  You can then choose to clean those contacts up by merging them.  The feature is not as robust as the one found in the proper Contacts app but will get the job done nevertheless.

Google Phone App Update Brings Emergency & Call Waiting Improvements

The Google Phone app has a nice update rolling out this morning that brings some new features.  The update is build 10.1.161735957 for those keeping score at home and who like to play Google version bingo and it is rolling out to the Play Store now.

The big new feature in this update to the Phone app is emergency location information.  If you call 911 here in the US, you will be shown in the app (via Google maps) where you are calling from so that emergency services can find you faster.  It helps you see where you are faster which means help can get to you faster.

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